Volunteer at the Arc

The Arc of Blair County depends on volunteers to carry out its mission to provide education, socialization and advocacy. Volunteers are currently needed to assist with pre-school, elementary and teen-age level activities. If your interest lies in changing public policy and empowering others to make change happen, becoming involved in one of The advocacy groups at the Arc may be your chance to showcase your talents.

The Arc would like to expand its activities and is searching for volunteers to offer their time and talent of a particular hobby or profession that could be taught at the Becky Sheetz Recreation Building. Examples include teaching photography, music, knitting, aerobic class or another activity that could be introduced at The Arc.

Volunteering at The Arc provides great community service for corporations and civic organizations seeking to become more involved in Blair County. Your business or group could donate a couple of hours each month, rotating members involved, so no one individual is over burdened with time commitments.

If you have never volunteered, you may be surprised at the benefits received. By donating just a few hours per month, volunteers receive immeasurable rewards and leave a lasting imprint on the future of our community.

Call The Arc at (814) 946-1011 or email: mail@thearcblair.org, to discover how you can begin to help build a stronger community.

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