Advocate (ad-vo-cate)  (noun) synonym:  support

  1. one that pleads the cause of another
  2. one that defends or maintains a cause or proposal
  3. one that supports or promotes the interests of another

The Arc of Blair County provides free advocacy services for individuals with any cognitive, intellectual, or developmental disability and their family members.  The Arc Advocate is available to answer questions over the phone, to meet for an individual advocacy consultation, and to attend meetings.  The Arc can also provide families with a variety of resources and information. 
Call The Arc of Blair County at 946-1011 for advocacy services.

What Types of Advocacy Are There?

Educational Advocacy stretches from early intervention to school age programs to transitioning to adult life.  It is important for families to make sure that the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) the school has prepared for their child is appropriate and being implemented and that the legislative intent, regulations, and guidelines are recognized and being followed.  The Arc of Blair County provides workshops that inform parents of the education system and their rights in order to equip parents and families to better advocate for their children.  Additionally, the Arc hosts a Parent Advocacy Committee, allowing parents to connect and work together to collectively advocate for change.

Life Issues Advocacy involves providing resources for individuals and their families regarding important decisions and daily living.  The Arc of Blair County can advocate for an adult who is living in a group home or attending a day program.  The Arc Advocate will work with an individual and their family and as well as service providers to ensure that the rights of individuals with disabilities are established, maintained and protected.

Policy Advocacy means speaking out at local, state, and national levels.  The Arc of Blair County strives to inform families of upcoming legislation proposals and changes that directly impact individuals with disabilities.  The Arc also encourages constituents to contact their local, state and national government officials to let the staff in Harrisburg and Washington know that individuals in Blair County care about the decisions they are making in regards to individuals with disabilities. 

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