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Meet Our Board

The Arc of Blair County
Board of Directors 2021-2022


  • Sara Fiore-Gunnett, President
  • Bruno DeGol III, Vice-President
  • Kirsten Stratton, Secretary
  • Jay Nartatez, Treasurer

Dan Cole
Michael Eardley
Christine Filer
Becky Good
Liza Grassi
Chris Jancula
Jared Keller
Donna Kling
Stacy Lasser
Jack McDougal
Ben Miller
Matthew Miller
Becky Stevens
Brandon Traficante
Bill Ward, Jr.
Aimee Willett

Colleen Montrella, Emeritus Director
JoEllen Steinbrunner, Emeritus Director

Tom Weimer, Emeritus Director

Executive Director: Maria Brandt

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