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2019 WREATHS through Alto-Reste Park. 

Alto-Reste Park has a tradition of providing live wreaths at gravesites over the holidays. This year, they are donating the sales of the wreaths to the Arc of Blair County and Empowering Lives Foundation.

You do not need to be a patron of Alto-Reste to order a wreath. The wreath sale is open to the public to be placed at homes, businesses, or other sites. Warner's Florist produces the live wreaths and they are stunning! They come with a beautiful red ribbon and a stand (Arc members assemble) or you can hang on a door.

The best part of the wreath sale is that individuals with disabilities are involved in the assembly of the wreaths. This is a win-win! The Arc receives a portion of the sale proceeds and individuals with      disabilities learn more skills.

The order form and a video of Arc members assembling last year's wreaths is found below.



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The Arc of Blair County exists only through fundraising and community donations. The Arc of Blair County strives to be good stewards by doing more with less. We believe in the mission and vision of The Arc of Blair County and are passionate about focusing on our core values. The Arc of Blair County does not rely on any federal or state funding to operate. Therefore, fundraisers are a necessity if we are to continue to provide services to people with disabilities.

If you would like to support The Arc of Blair County through individual contribution rather than fundraising events, please visit the 'Donating to The Arc' on this website. Please do not hesitate to contact our office for more information:  814-946-1011

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