Our Mission: To improve the quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families through advocacy, education, support and socialization.

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 Join us for Crafting for Profit on Monday's. Click here for more information.  There is nothing to lose
and possible employment or extra spending money.
Everything made will be displayed at a craft show next spring and all funds received remain with you!

The Arc of Blair County

The Arc of Blair County believes that persons with developmental disabilities are valuable members of society and have the same rights as all citizens. They have the right to a free and appropriate education in an integrated setting, the right to live in a comfortable residence in their own local community, the right to protection from health and safety hazards in their environment, the right to work at a meaningful wage in a vocation appropriate to their talents, the right to social and personal relationships and the right to participate in the recreational and cultural activities of their community. It is the vision of Arc of Blair County to foster, protect and nurture these rights.

The Arc of Blair County serves as an important voice for persons with disabilities and their families.

The Arc of Blair County

431 Jackson Avenue
Altoona, PA 16602

Phone:  814-946-1011
Fax:  814-946-1013

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Click this link for an easy way to tell your legislators what you think about many current issues....

Latest News from the Arc

May 22, 2018

      Chorus practice takes place on Tuesday. May 22. This is a slight change from the typical 3rd Tuesday.  

         Our hearts go to Jack Servello and his family for the loss of his beloved wife, Sandy. Jack and Sandy are part of the core team that teaches line dancing at The Arc each Wednesday. We are so going to miss you, Sandy. We encourage our Arc family to visit the funeral home on Thursday, May 24 and pay respect to the family.

 Calling all self advocates, family members, and support agencies. Let your voice be heard on Friday, June 1, at 10:00 a.m. Senator Casey's office is sending his disability policy director, Michael Gamer McCormick, to The Arc. He wants an informal gathering where he can hear our concerns and then he will take this back to the senator so they can look at policy change. Michael specifically stated he wants to listen and not to present. The Arc will provide snacks. Please RSVP if you think you can come for 1-hour to 946-1011. This is a great opportunity to share what is on your mind, what the needs are of a person with a disability, or his/her family, the struggles of support staff and agencies, and to be a voice for change!
           The Arc is holding Craftin' for Profit each Monday. Join us as we explore a lot of different types of arts and upscale crafts. Folks can make enough inventory and then sell it next spring at a community craft show. Discover your hidden talent and begin persuing it. The Arc pays for all supplies and you keep all money from the pieces sold at the craft show next year. It is a win-win! Call The Arc for the schedule and more details. 

Please call before stopping at The Arc to be sure someone is available to assist  you. We do not want you to make a wasted trip. Many times we are out of the office assiting others. Thank you.

Concerned About Issues? Are you worried about the lack of funding for people with disabilities in the state budget? Do you have concerns about competitive employment because of a disability? Are you worried about services following high school? Contact The Arc of Blair County to discuss your individual situation. We have over 60 years of advocacy experience. Resources on a variety of topics are available.




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